Welcome to the future of knowledge

Bringing out knowledge from the Internet with NLP

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a term used a little to vaguely when IT people talk to non-technical people about the magic capability of IT, sort of when they/we use the term AI. But, that said, we use NLP.:) Our use of NLP is that of creating or strengthening relations by proximity in topics and […]

3D is a must

Already 20 years ago, when I first started thinking about how visual contexts could provide the clarity of understanding contexts by exposing relations between knowledge objects, I was “seeing” the experience as a 3D one. When talking about the future of learning and search in relation to visual contexts one must include the emergence of […]

Capturing the collective knowledge of mankind

In this post I will build upon the core purpose of post no 1 – written earlier today: Stating and describing the need, potential, and overall idea of a new way – besides the paradigm of text of today – of consuming information to gain knowledge. The point I wish to make in this post […]

The Future of Learning and Search

It has been five years now. Five years since we started Emvico and embarked on a journey aimed at changing the world. Sound like a big enough challenge and ego? Or as a naive and idiotic statement and goal? It might just prove to be just that but then not because the (latent) need and […]

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