Visual context and overview becoming an interactive tool for learning

I am not sure this post will “prove” or clarify much about my view on the potency of visual overview and the minds ability to grasp and learn from contexts. But, in an attempt to convey some idea of what I am talking about with “visual over text” i just put together a very simple visual explanation/overview related to the Great Northern War. One must understand that the move from paper and 2D to a fully interactive (everything in the interface is related and connected so one click/touch makes the system respond with new information/context) 3D interface is not a small one, but a dramatic, and in its detailed potential, decisive difference. So if you do not “get it” from the picture below I don´t care (:)), you will once you have the interface and experience I am envisioning.

The question for now is though … can you – even with this simple and quite crude picture – understand anything about the Great Northern War?