Our knowledge graph will make the right actor a force to reckon with in the AI game right away

AI is changing the world. It has also meant that we change our focus with the innovation journey we branded Omnizens a number of years ago. Instead of using or unique knowledge graph and data to create our own innovative user experience for optimizing learning, we will now offer the right AI actor to get access to or buy it to realize their own visions within AI.

An AI language model need data to work. The data we have is, in short:

  • The entire Freebase project downloaded and optimized into an improved data model weeks before Google shut it down after purchasing it.
  • This data further optimized with our importing of Wikipedia and Wikidata, making both sources become structured data in our database.
  • This structured database of over ten million topics and billions of relations and properties used to catalyze our web crawler, which finds and adds data, new relations and improved relationships between topics to our data model by crawling the Internet.

Elon Musk probably the perfect buyer, since:

  • He has an ambition in catching up on AI, but must find data to be able to engage.
  • Has has the means to enter the AI game with force.

So, if interested, contact us.