Omnizens is a brand developed and owned by Emvico AB, a Swedish company started by Fredrik Lundkvist, Rickard Falk, and Fredrik Andersson, in 2014.

Omnizens has the vision of enabling a more visual and interactive way to find and explore information and knowledge. It has driven the development of a knowledge graph containing twice the amount of topics as that of Wikipedia, and billions of relations together with technical assets to support the continuous crawling and parsing of more data from structured sources as well as the Internet.

The Omnizens road map contains exploring the potential of developing a new type of user experience in learning, leveraging the potential of 3D applications and the expectations from and habits of young generations with interactive and visual interfaces.

The first applications leveraging the Omnizens data and data model is the brand Quizen, a data driven quiz platform and application. See quizen.nu for more information.

Contact information

Isafjordsgatan 39B, 164 40 Kista

(+46) 0708 – 78 81 10



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